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Dead Reckoning

30 Mar


Dead Reckoning is a bboy (breakdance) crew that came together in 1998. Dead Reckoning launched at a crucial time during the late nineties when there was little representation of Bboying in Vancouver. The crew deemed it necessary to introduce bboying to the public. As a result, they have performed throughout the lower mainland, entertaining audiences with their dynamic movements.

Highlight performances and appearances include: Vancouver International Children’s Festival, Dancers for Life, Pro-am (Miami), Outbreak, Vancouver International Dance Festival, Pacific National Exhibition, National Ski and Snowboard Week in front of audiences ranging from nightclub party-goers to Canada’s Governor General.

Dead Reckoning appeared on a major motion picture “Kickin’ it Old Skool” starring Jamie Kennedy. Dead Reckoning will always serve as an icon that real hip-hop is alive and thriving. The group continues to maintain its presence through live performances, masterclasses, weekly classes, and community outreach programs.

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