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From Saskatchewan to India – Mad Cow Sacred Cow screens at Mumbai Film Festival and broadcast on SCN

3 Feb

After a successful broadcast and festival run, the momentum of Anand Ramayya’s award winning documentary, Mad Cow Sacred Cow continues as it screens at the Mumbai International Film Festival on February 6th in India and airs February 7th on SCN.

MIFF will be held at the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA), Mumbai, from February 3rd to 9th.  The festival that began in 1990, held with the active support of the Government of Maharashtra, is a competitive biennial event which has gained recognition on par with renowned International Film Festivals like Leipzig, Berlin, Oberhausen, Cracow, and Tampere.

Anand commented from the festival today:  “It’s a special honour to be screening Mad Cow Sacred Cow at MIFF after having shot in India and, as a 2nd generation filmmaker of Indian origin, this is the first time in my family that we’ve had a film screen back in India. Myself along with the numerous other international filmmakers in attendance are being given the royal treatment and were looking forward to a great festival!”

Following up on the Gemini Award winning “Cosmic Current,” filmmaker Anand Ramayya embarks on another personal journey, but this time as a new father and completely terrified of his food. Mad Cow Sacred Cow reveals shocking connections between the Mad Cow crisis, Farm crisis and Global Food crisis.

Weaving interviews from renowned speakers such as Dr. Vandana Shiva, Maneka Gandhi, Dr. Murray Waldman, Nettie Wiebe and Swami Agnivesh with stunning visuals of a personal journey that crosses continents, the story of Mad Cow Sacred Cow takes us from the filmmaker’s own happy days of indiscriminate beef consumption to the frightening realities created by globalization.

The film has traveled from Saskatchewan, where it picked up awards at the 63rd Yorkton Film Festival, to Whistler, Florence, Toronto, Stuttgart and now back to India where it was filmed.

Mad Cow Sacred Cow airs on SCN Sunday Feb 7th at 8:00 pm and 10:00 pm.  Visit www.scn.ca.

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