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Now Or Never reps Canada at Battle of the Year – Part Two

1 Oct

INTERVIEW with Jheric Hizon – part two

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KB: How long have you been preparing for BOTY Canada?

JH: We’ve been preparing for it for almost a year now!!!!

You go to the World Finals on October 18th in Volkswagen Halle in Germany. NON has dedicated themselves for this moment. What do you expect from this competition in terms of reaching new levels as a bboy crew and being part of the bigger international bboy community?

Going to battle of the year were going to go there repping canada and were going to rep canada well. We have a good routine and hopefully the judges will like it that were good enough to make top 4. We know that the level of competition is amazing out there so we really just have to be on point when we’re there, and we have battled good crews in the past so we know that we measure up pretty good. Being at boty will just make us better bboys because the energy level will just sky rocket being with the top crews from around the world.

What do you think it is about bboying that attracts individuals from all different cultures?

I think its the rawness of the culture of bboying that attracts a lot of the other countries and people to bboying and also to push yourself to your own physical limits while doing it with style and grace… and the togetherness of different cultures coming together to battle each other without anyone actually dying lol!! (youknowhatimean)

NON is a multicultural crew. What has influenced your style and movement?

As we all know breaking originated in the bronx new york I would say that we embraced their culture… and my major influences were crews like the Rock Steady crew and New York City Breakers. I think its more of our work ethic that we bring to the table when we get together to practice or when we battle… we practice hard and battle even harder.

Which crews do you want to battle?

Definitely the Koreans or the Japanese just because we want to know how well or how bad we do. But most likely we will battle anyone who gets in our way!!! We would like t battle them all.

What lies ahead for NON after the BOTY?

More shows and more training and more competition… right now NON is riding high with the title but we try to stay humble we listen to what others tell us and we take what judges have told us in the past and try to just make ourselves just all around better dancers/bboys

Why isn’t Canada buying into BOTY as much as I thought they would?

I’m not sure why Canada isnt buying into boty. I cant speak for other Canadian crews, but as far as NON is concerned we just want to get out there and maximize our potential as a bboy crew. Right now we’re the big fish in the small pond and we want to be able to swim with the rest of the best and being in boty Germany I think we’ve proven that we can and we are!

I think to keep boty Canada going, crews need to step up, but like I said, I don’t know what the other crews are thinking. Maybe boty is not in their minds at all…who knows? But its such a good opportunity to be a part of it, just to be standing and competing and meeting other bboys you only get to see on videos on you tube.

Now or Never Crew competes at Battle of the Year in Germany on October 18th.

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