“45 RPM” Screens at Vancouver International Film Festival 2008

5 Oct

A New York disc jockey announces a contest to name 30 songs in 30 seconds. A trip for two to a rock and roll concert in New York City goes to the winner. By some fluke atmospheric condition, the airwaves travel 2000 miles to Goose Bay, Saskatchewan and to the ears of two youth desperate for a better life. For Parry Tender and his side kick Luke, winning the contest is their only hope of getting out of a remote northern Canadian town in 1960.

1960s period piece “45 RPM,” written and directed by Saskatoon’s Dave Schultz, was shot in Saskatchewan by producing partners Chad Oakes and Michael Frislev of Calgary’s Nomadic Pictures, Don Carmody, and co-Producer Anand Ramayya of Saskatoon’s Karma Film. The picture introduces lead actors Jordan Gavaris and Justine Banszky as Parry and Luke. They deliver an honest portrayal of a trapped youth in small town Saskatchewan with a strong supporting cast including Michael Madsen, Amanda Plummer, Kim Coates, Terry David Mulligan, August Schellenberg and MacKenzie Porter.

Kempton, a blogger and filmmaker, interviewed Director Dave Schultz and got the background story (spoiler alert) of 45 rpm while Schultz described his process of writing and directing the film.

45 RPM screened it’s international premiere at the Calgary International Film Festival and is playing at VIFF on October 8th and 10th at the Pacific Cinematheque. Saskatchewan screenings of the film are tentatively scheduled for late October in Regina and Saskatoon.

Watch Trailer


Industry Moves at 45 rpm

One Response to ““45 RPM” Screens at Vancouver International Film Festival 2008”

  1. kempton October 5, 2008 at 6:42 pm #

    Hi Kelly,

    I hope you enjoyed my chat with Dave, hopefully after you viewed the film as it has a bit of spoiler that was interesting in order to understand how Dave thinks when he writes and directs.

    I also hope the audiences in Vancouver and other cities will enjoy the film as much as I did.


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