Now Or Never Reps Canada at Battle of the Year – Part One

1 Oct

The hype around bboying has never been higher. Transcending politics, geography, language and borders, breakdancing, or b-boying, has become the global phenomenon that everyone wants a piece of. Bboys and bgirls in community centres and nightclubs in every direction are breaking new limits in the art and discipline of movement. What began in 1980’s South Bronx has grown to reach every continent.

Battle of the Year (BOTY) is the World Cup of Bboying and it began in 1990. This is the competition that attracts thousands of bboys, bgirls, hip hop heads and fans to the new international bboy headquarters! The preliminary competitions are held in 33 countries with the Finals held at the Volkswagenhalle, Braunschweig, Germany. Doc feature film, “Planet B-boy” by director Benson Lee dives into the international culture of bboying telling the stories of bboys and bgirls from around the world, and brings it together at the Battle of the Year.

Battle of the Year Canada finally joined the preliminary circuit in August 08. Vancouver’s Now Or Never (NON) crew represents Canada for the first time at BOTY International Finals and is heading to Germany on October 18th.

Current members include bboy how (Jeri), bboy G (jay), bboy eloquence (jhaymee), bboy Twist (jheric), bboy Savage (victor), bboy Trickey (colin) bboy Jax(jackie), bboy Mugg(Kenny), bboy Bminus (Brian), and bboy Sniper (York).

To read the story of how NON got it together, get it here

Jheric Hizon joined NON for the World Hip Hop Championships in Los Angeles ‘07, where they came in sixth. At this year’s competition in Vegas, NON finished second, next to knuckleheadzoo (aka super crew of mtv”s America’s best dance crew). Also the founding member of Dead Reckoning Crew, Jheric is prepared. He gave me the run down about the crew, what they have been doing to prepare, what he expects in Volkswagenhalle, and where they go next.

INTERVIEW with Jheric Hizon of NON

KB: How was the BOTY Canada competition?

JH: There were only two crews that entered boty canada this year it was NON and another crew that was put together from 3 different crews in toronto..its too bad that most of the crews did not enter, either they werent prepared or they just didnt bother entering there was a two on two competition and most of the major crews in toronto entered that one. either way NON won the first ever battle of the year canada..hopefully more crews will follow in the next year( if they decide to hold boty again)

The competition wasnt too bad we definitely had our shit together we came fully prepared we won the best show for the showcase part of the competition and then we beat out the other crew for the title of boty canada….the other team was pretty good as well but they didnt have their routine down and when it came time to battle i think we shook them up with our routines and commandos cuz they tried to interrupt our runs by jumping in and out of the battle (not doing proper commando styles) yeah they were pissed off lol!!

What can you say about the caliber of talent in Canada? How do we measure up at the international level?

The calibre of talent we have in canada is incredible we just have to go out there and make a name for ourselves by hitting up international jams. There are a few bboys/Crews that make noise outside Canada (Casper, Dyzee and his crew Supernaturalz, NON). We try to do the same by competing against the best of the best out there… we don’t always win but we sure leave a presence at the end.

On an international level we’re up there its just there’s not enough of us doing it and trying to make it happen. That’s what NON is trying to change…. we want to encourage the young gens by stating that with hard work and dedication you can achieve success in what you do. It might take time but it will happen eventually!

Part two here

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