Raw Wednesday Lights up Carrall and Hastings

26 Jul

25 July 2008 — After the re-launch of Raw Wednesday, the opening of “Body Language” art exhibit, and the Reel Athletes / Crux Talent Launch Party last week, the Interurban continues to beacon positive vibrations on the notorious Vancouver intersection at Pigeon Park.

The exhibit and series of events has attracted actors, agents, producers, artists, residents, and corporate elites to the Downtown East Side to take in the stunning visual presence on the corner that is hard to overlook to the passersby. The gallery features the work of fifteen artists influenced by the art and discipline of movement, and serves as the backdrop for live performance installations.

On July 23rd Raw Wednesday opened the doors of the gallery onto the street and showcased diverse, talented, socially conscious performing artists, including DJ Ariel, salsa duo Angela Amici and Roland Aloysius, urban contemporary dance team 605 Collective, powwow dancer Shyama Priya with cellist Cris Derksen as the Wild Moccasins, and experimental hip hop dance crew Rusty Souls, who trace the movements of the bboy on canvas.

Now that the parties are over (for now), the gallery still shines, and traces of the embodiment of the gallery’s purpose remain; as bboys and bgirls are seen dancing in the windows, as a live art installation. Heads turn by those driving by the busy intersection; the fearful of the unwashed that routinely lock their doors while passing through Canada’s most shameful mistake. Unexpected spectators peek in the windows surprised by the bold and powerful images that seem displaced.

Body Language continues until the closing event on August 8th, and it is no better opportunity for Vancouver residents to drop in and witness the power of what can be a sustaining possibility if only we love our city and the people within it.


photo credit Scott Alexander


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